Top Social Media Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Trends 2018-01

New Year is around the corner. As 2017 draws to a close and the New Year begins, we expect a lot of changes to take place in the Social Media world. From increased use of certain social media features to new technological advancements, the changes are set to make a big impact in the field of social media.

Below I list few social media trends which are likely to gain momentum in the coming year.

  1. Instagram Stories: Though just one year old, Instagram stories has surpassed all other social media features in terms of popularity and reach. In both picture and video forms, Instagram stories are set to create a trend in the coming year as well. Marketers who are looking to capture the attention of the audience and increase the reach of their branch should definitely not miss out this special feature of Instagram.
  2. Influencer marketing: Fake news has been flooding social media platform. People no longer believe what they see unless it comes from a trusted source. Companies that are looking to connect with the new audience and increase the engagement rate should definitely consider influencer marketing. Whether it is on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, Influencer marketing is sure to gain momentum in the coming year. Both big and small companies are likely to use influencer marketing to a large extent.
  3. Focus on Generation Z: 2018 is the year when the generation Z enters the job market. With increased earning, their buying power will be more. Focusing on this generation through the right social media channels helps in better reach and conversion.
  4. Live streaming: The success of live streaming depends on the quality of device used. With new smartphones available in the market that provides better video and audio quality, live streaming is likely to be a success in 2018 as well.
  5. Increased use of messaging platforms: Researchers have shown that about 2.5 billion people worldwide use various forms of messaging apps. Messaging platforms like Facebook messenger, Viber and Whatsapp are likely to grow in popularity in the coming year. Customers can communicate directly with the company and get a real-time solution to their problems using these platforms.
  6. Changes in Twitter: Unlike, Facebook and Instagram, Twitter witnessed a downward trend in 2017. Hence, certain changes are expected to occur on the Twitter platform in the coming year to gain back its lost glory.


To maximize our marketing effort, it is highly essential that we reconsider our social media approach. By embracing the new technical features and concentrating more on that platform that gives us maximum exposure, social media can contribute to our marketing efforts to a great extent.

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