Facebook Marketing hacks to increase engagement

Increasing the Facebook engagement is the sole motto of every digital marketer. That one “like” or “share” has a lot of value in the eyes of a marketer. In fact, almost all activities in a Facebook page is done with the aim of increasing the engagement and traffic to website. But do you know that simple hacks can help you boost the engagement rate? Here are few must try ones

Join groups: Joining and sharing content in related groups has a direct impact on engagement. Type the keyword related to your business in the search box and you can see a set of groups pertaining to that keywords. Join the groups with a good number of followers. If your business is localized, check the group’s demographics. Some group’s may not allow sharing of links. In such case, you can add the link in the comment.

Post videos and photos directly: Always remember to upload videos directly to your Facebook page rather than sharing it. Videos that are directly uploaded will play automatically when someone scroll past this. This provides a greater chance for engagement. Moreover, Facebook provides greater exposure to videos and photos that are uploaded directly on their domain rather than through a third-party app.

Post at the right time: Do a research and find out which is the right time to post the content to get maximum engagement. This purely depends on your audience. A careful analysis of your Facebook insight will reveal the right time to post to get the maximum engagement.

Use CTA: CTA or “Call to Action” has a direct bearing on the engagement rate. Use effective CTA’s like “share”, “comment” and “like” to increase the engagement rate.

Go social: Facebook is a “social” media. So, remember to be social while posting content. Instead of posting only your product updates, go for something out of the box like picture of a team outing, some interesting quotes etc.

Tag people and brand: This is another way to grow the engagement and reach organically. But remember to tag only the right people and brand.

Edit Metadata and page title: Editing the metadata and title of a post to suit the audience can boost the engagement rate. Make the meta data a killer copy to attract the audience.

These are but a few of the marketing hacks to increase the engagement rate. Always remember to post content on a regular basis so that your Facebook page do not remain idle

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